Yoga :  A  way of life

Yoga : A way of life

Short essay on Yoga : A way of life

Yoga A way of life,
Yoga A way of life 

Yoga is a way of life. It is virtually concerned with maintaining a state of equanimity af all cost.The yoga emphasis the importance of mind remaining calm.

The fundamental  idea of yoga is to unite the Atma or individual soul with the Parmatma or the universal soul. In sanskrit yoga stands for “union”.  The aim is to attain this union with the eternal self with the help of certain mental and physical exercises . 
Patanjali the founder and father of yoga systematized the various yogic practices and traditions of his time by encapsulating them in his Yogasutra.

There are eight method of achieving it
  • Yamas or eternal vows,
  • Niyamas or observations, 
  • Yogasanas or yoga postures,
  • Pranayama or breath control exercises, 
  • Pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses from distraction of the outside world,
  • Dharana or concentration on an object,place or subject,
  • Dhyana or meditation  and 
  • Samadhi or the ultimate stage of yoga meditation.
Patanjali’s collection  of these eight steps  is known as AshtangaYoga. Patanjali lived around the century before christ and was a great philosopher and grammarian. He was also a physician and medical work is attributed to him.
Results of several researches

Academy of Research on physical culture,Warsaw, conducted studies and investigation on physiological and psychological aspects of yoga system of exercises. The result of these investigation lead us to the conclusionand the judicious and progressive follow up of yogic practices brings about higher and higher conditioning of limbic system which is thought to be responsible for regulations of ANS and endocrinal system.
Yoga has been gaining emmense popularity now a days due to short term as well as long term benefits that it provides. Whatever may b the reason, it is proved beyond doubts that yoga gives one inner satisfaction, mental calmness, good health and long life.

Recommended to everyone for healthy life ;

Yoga A way of life,

Yoga A way of life

Yoga A way of life

Yoga A way of life
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